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Having fun with Forced Perspective Photography

The potential of photography is limitless, and is commonly used to serve many different purposes such as to convey a powerful message or boil up strong emotions within the audiences. Forced Perspective photography, a special photography concept, is a lighthearted form of photography which makes use of optical illusion to manipulate human’s perspective into thinking that the subject appears larger or smaller than its actual size.

The fun and exciting part of this photography lies in how easy you can create mind blogging tricks that send your viewers wondering what they had just seen. And obviously, it does not involve any software manipulation to create such effects. All it takes is for you to think out of the box and stretch your imagination and creativity to make ordinary stuffs look extraordinary. For example, from lifting your friend by the wrist to stepping on a pinky-sized friend with your foot, you can even climb the city wall like a super hero if you wish so.

Let us follow George Tapan, our Nikon School Instructor from the Philippines as he teaches you how to put away the serious mentality of traditional photography and have fun with forced perspective photography.

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