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Telling Compelling Stories with Silhouette and Long Exposure Photography

Silhouettes convey intrigue, beauty and emotions differently than other types of photography because they always leave something to the imagination. In silhouette photography, a subject is placed directly in front of a light source, and exposure is set on the brightest part of the image. This technique creates a sharp black outline against a beautiful background, creating a powerful photograph that tells multiple stories.

On the other hand, long exposure photography aims to capture the essence of passing time. It highlights the paths of bright moving objects – something that makes it unique to conventional photography. Just like silhouette photography, long exposure photography adds the element of mystery into photographs – in its case, by instilling the aspect of motion into a still shot.

Delve into the wonders of both types of photography with Nikon School Instructor and professional documentary photographer Mindy Tan, and take your captures to the next level.

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