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Magnifying Our World

Photography is about capturing what we see from different perspectives. But sometimes, it is the things that we cannot see and often miss that result in the most interesting images. Welcome to the world of macrophotography, where we get up-close and personal with the tiniest subjects.

When it comes to macrophotography, we are all explorers. Through our lenses, we unveil a brave new world in our homes and gardens – one that that is invisible and often overlooked. Don’t be afraid of what you discover as you suddenly find yourself smaller than the things around you. Getting the perfect shot often requires you to stay perfectly still and get as close as you can for an extended time, always ready to capture any movement.

Whether it’s your first time at macro photography or have already had a hand at capturing macro shots, here are some simple tips to get you started with your capture of tiny subjects.

Ready With the Right Equipment. This means making sure you have the essential equipment ready to snap at the right moment. Your best shot would be to use a lens that has a long focal length to give you great working distance while shooting close-ups. 50-60mm lenses are generally suitable for general macro work but for greater zoom and clarity, go for those above 100mm. Always helpful to have as well, is a remote shutter or cable release to minimise camera shake.

Magic Hour in Macro. The morning dew and soft golden rays make for romantic and soft images. Look for subjects with water droplets that serve to magnify the tiny details, enlarging every vein, pore, and pigment in your images.

Check out the Nikon Unveiled video below as Imran explains the basics of macro photography.