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Get Up to Speed With Sports Action Photography

Shooting action sports is thrilling, intense and exciting because you only have split seconds to capture the best moment in the midst of the action. Also, being in the centre of such high-velocity activity means that you only have one chance at that perfect picture – once it happens, it’s gone. This is why meticulous preparation is key to capturing the emotions, drama and adrenaline that comes with outstanding action sports photography.

To achieve powerfully impactful photos, the ability to understand the sport, think fast, move swiftly and anticipate your subject’s next big action is important. Only then can you be instinctively ready to capture and freeze-frame the best moment of his or her glorious sporting triumph.

Have fun challenging yourself with action sports photography. Join Nikon School Instructor and professional action/sports photographer Ying Ching Heng as he shares tips and tricks to keep the energy alive in all your photos.

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