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Shooting Your Own Product Shots

High quality product shots can make a big difference for your business. Here are some tips to help you take better product shots.

The first thing to consider is lighting. For a professional look and feel, place your products in a small light tent against a clean white background. To give your product shots that soft, even, all-round illumination, use a flash like the Speedlight SB-500 or Speedlight SB-300.

To ensure your images are crisp and sharp, use a tripod to keep your camera absolutely still and set a shutter release delay on your camera to avoid moving your camera while shooting.

If your camera comes with the Nikon Creative Lighting System with Advanced Wireless Lighting, you can connect and trigger your external Speedlights wirelessly.

Next, adjust the aperture to achieve your required depth of field. A high aperture number such as f/8 will deliver a sharp image with lots of vivid detail, while a lower aperture number such as f/1.4 will minimise depth of field resulting in beautiful bokeh.

Finally, to ensure you are capturing your products in the best possible light, make sure the surface you are shooting on is clean and has adequate lighting. Keep experimenting with these simple techniques and produce high quality product images.


Advanced Wireless Lighting

Advanced wireless lighting is the use of multiple Speedlights set up for wireless remote operation. The technology of Nikon's Creative Lighting system makes multiple flash photography as easy and intuitive as flash photography with one Speedlight.


Speedlight SB-500

The Speedlight SB-500 is a high-performance LED flash that offers brilliant illumination and even lighting to reproduce colour as you see it. Compact and lightweight, the Speedlight SB-500 is your indispensable companion to capture that flash of inspiration, no matter where you are.

Speedlight SB-300

Compact and lightweight, the Speedlight SB-300 is designed to be used on-the-go. The flash head can be set to tilt upwards till 120 degrees, giving you more control of your lighting for a natural looking result.