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What is S-Line, and what does it mean?

What’s in a name? S-line is the moniker for NIKKOR Z lenses that surpass current industry standards in both design and quality. Adhering to a higher level of manufacturing, the S-Line redefines optical perfection through cutting-edge engineering. The “S” not only refers to the “Superior” standard that the S-Line reaches, but also stands for words such as “Special” and “Sophisticated.”

The Best Has Yet To Come

Unlock the full potential of the Nikon Z mount system. Not only are S-Line lenses versatile, but they are also paving the way for the future of optical performance. Experience a higher level of imaging power and remarkable reproduction with high resolution, even at the corners of the image – maximise your photography potential with the S-Line.

One of the flagship lenses of the S-Line range, the NIKKOR Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct, offers revolutionary optical performance and represents the apex of NIKKOR lens technology. This lens illustrates subjects in unprecedented ways, allowing you to capture beautiful portraits, even in extreme low light conditions.

Experience satisfaction through your entire shooting experience:

1) Recreate Scenes with High Resolution
With superior optical performance, you will achieve resolution that reproduces texture faithfully, capturing high-quality images that are unattainable with digital manipulated.  Higher standards for evaluating MTF performance means greater precision in the reproduction of thin lines, resulting in sharper resolution without any colour fringing, so your shots will retain its original texture.

2) Increase Intensity with a Beautiful Bokeh
Bring the best out in any subject by capturing a beautiful background bokeh. To draw the viewer’s eyes naturally towards the main subject, the S-Line lenses provide the optical design to achieve natural bokeh characteristics, giving each image a smoother, texture, adding a sense of depth to the photo.

3) Reproduce Splendid Point-Image
Aberrations are the enemy of great shots. All S-Line lenses are effective at reducing chromatic aberrations that can ruin your image and are designed to allow point light sources at the periphery to be reproduced as point images, even at the maximum aperture.

4) Capture High Quality Images Even at Maximum Aperture
Change your perspective with S-Line lenses. Through the integration of factors previously thought to be unattainable, such as high resolution, minimal chromatic aberration and natural bokeh – optical performance is now enhanced with the ability to take photos even at maximum aperture

5) Control Quality to a Strict Standard
A new kind of quality. To manufacture products that meticulously comply with our unique design values, the S-Line is created on production lines that accomplish uniform quality. In the Nikon’s manufacturing procedure, various examinations are carried out for guaranteeing the quality of products, and to make sure high-performance products are created to a higher standard each and every time. Enjoy the reliability of any S-Line lens at all times.

6) Witness Extraordinary Imaging Power
Harness the power of the Z mount with the S-Line series. Through the Noct, the latest lens from the S-Line, the utmost optical performance is achieved with an f/0.95 maximum aperture. Not only does the S-Line push the limits of image expression, through actualizing the competence of rendering, the S-Line lenses also overturns your perception of conventional lenses.

Experience the extraordinary image power of the S-Line. Find out more about the products from the range here:

No matter which model you are using, S-Line lenses delivers richly detailed image expression and sharpness that brings a sense of reality. With advanced optical performance and astounding resolution, reenergize your shooting experience with the cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship of the S-Line.