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Beyond Stills: Filming with the Nikon Z 6

As one of the best tools on the market for video and photography, the Nikon Z 6 is capable of so much more than stills. Elevate your video productions to greater heights and deliver your creative vision without compromise. Epitomising the best of Nikon’s mirrorless versatility, let us give you a tour of what the Nikon Z 6 can do for your videography.

Your portable cinematic powerhouse

With the Z 6 in hand, you’ll always be ready for your next cinematic masterpiece. Compact and lightweight, this camera was designed for you to create full frame, 4K video quality on the road. Unexpected weather conditions are no match for the Nikon Z 6’s extreme durability, making it suitable for you to film without feeling hindered!

Some scenes are fast-paced, heart-thumping and thrilling, but through it all, your Nikon Z 6 will always keep up with you. This powerful camera will always feel at home in your hands, with its deep grip design and balanced weight that feels great with any NIKKOR lens. With buttons and dials that that are comfortably placed, it’s as easy to change up settings as it is to shoot with.

New features for the best filming experience

Video shoots can often stretch out for hours. You might be filming from the early hours of the morning to late at night. With outdoor shooting, this will mean that the lighting will change sporadically as the sun moves through the sky, causing certain inconsistencies and difficulty in focusing. But don’t fret, the Nikon Z 6 takes this all into account. With a hybrid autofocus system that adjusts automatically depending on the light, you’ll be able to maintain accurate AF even in dimmer lighting. Sacrificing none of its incredible AF capabilities even in darker settings, the Z 6’s light shielding phase detection pixels are carefully arranged on the sensor to preserve light. This way, you can focus in on your subject easily even during night scenes.

Move freely and naturally, because regardless of your subject’s movements, the Nikon Z 6 has a subject tracking feature that allows the camera to remain focused on your subject at all times. It is smooth, fluid and intuitive, so that even when your subject briefly turns away from the camera, you can maintain a fixed focus position. And this extends to animals too! AF detection for both animals and human eye movement makes the Nikon Z 6 an intelligent tool for recognising the eyes of multiple subjects in the frame, even remaining locked on eyes that become partially or temporarily obstructed. Top it all off with an in-body camera stabilisation, and you can enjoy steady handheld recording in all situations.


Professional-quality videos are within easy reach. You can now record a richer gradation information in highlights and shadows to allow for more effective colour grading. The Z 6 makes full use of the image area of FX format to output sharper 4K UHD video, employing rich information that’s equivalent to 6K, thanks to its full pixel readout. Indulge in flexibility in post-production with the Z 6’s 10-bit N-Log. Here, N-Log is your ideal partner, giving you an extensive colour depth range in 4:2:2 10-bit HDMI output. You can now record a richer gradation information in highlights and shadows to allow for more effective colour grading.

Even more post-production freedom awaits, with the update from Firmware 2.20, the Z 6 can capture unprocessed RAW video in superior 12-bit which records data in notably higher quality.


Whether you’re a first-time filmmaker looking to expand on your repertoire, or an experienced videographer looking for something powerful and portable, the Nikon Z 6 is perfect for any of these situations. So, take it out with you and unleash its videography potential!